General Descriptions

Established in 1956, the National Taiwan Science Education Center is the only national science education center in Taiwan. The original building was located in the "Nanhai Academy" on Nanhai Road. In 2003, it was moved to the current location of the new Shilin building (No. 189, Shishang Road, Shilin District).The Center features the following: Permanent exhibits include life sciences, physics, chemistry, mathematics, and earth sciences. The Science Communication Center features fully-equipped science laboratories and a variety of science programs and camps that provide fresh and interesting science experiences through hands-on activities, which deepen the ability to explore science. The National Taiwan Science Education Center also organizes the National Science Fair for Elementary and Middle Schools, the annual Taiwan International Science Fair, as well as related promotional and study activities to cultivate students’ abilities to observe and study science. Break through the time and space limitations of science learning by using online science education museum website and social media content (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, podcast); there is also a nationwide mobile science museum tour, which actively delivers science demonstrations and various activities to teachers and students in remote areas.

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Ticket Prices

3rd-6th floor permanent exhibition ticket prices: Full Ticket : NT$100 Discount Ticket : NT$70 Discount ticket usage and description: ‧ Student ID ‧ Groups of 20 or more persons (in accordance with the previous conditions) Free admission: ‧ Audience members under the age of 6 and over the age of 65. ‧ Audience members with volunteer honor cards. ‧ Audience members who have a handbook for the physically and mentally challenged, and a companion if necessary. ‧ Audience members with the Museum’s membership card. ‧ Free admission for science teachers who work at the Science Education Center. ‧ Members of the R.O.C. Museum Association holding a valid membership card. Air Bicycle Full Ticket : NT$80 Discount Ticket : NT$50 Discount ticket usage and description: ‧ Student ID ‧ Members of the National Taiwan Science Education Center ‧ Groups of 20 or more persons ‧ People with volunteer honor cards Please note: ‧ The ride is free for people with physical and mental disabilities and seniors over 65 years old with ID. ‧ For safety, those with high blood pressure, heart disease, spinal injuries, pregnant women, or those prone to dizziness should not get on the ride. ‧ For safety, those under 127cm in height and weighing 113kg or more should not get on the ride. ‧ For safety, people with balance disorders, severe physical disabilities, and severe intellectual disabilities are not recommended to get on the ride; people with other types and levels of physical and mental disabilities should consider whether they are suitable to get on the ride. ‧ The facility is closed from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. daily. ‧ Since this facility is located in the permanent exhibition area, you must purchase a ticket for the permanent exhibition and then purchase a ticket for the air bicycle ride.

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